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A Two Minute Overview of Peri-Anesthesia Hypothermia – The Problem & The Solution


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check AAS Guide to Monitors

This informative guide compares various ventilation, oxygen, and blood pressure monitors.


checkAAS Guide to Monitoring Blood Pressure

This guide takes you through steps to better understand blood pressure and how to interpret blood pressure measurements


checkAAS Guide to Pulse Oximetry

This guides will expand your understanding of pulse oximetry.


checkAAS Guide to Oxygen Therapy

This guide describes oxygen therapy methods that actually work!


checkAAS Guide to Monitoring ET CO2

This guide will expand your understanding of measuring end tidal carbon dioxide and how to interpret ET CO2 measurements.


checkAAS Guide to Hypothermia and Patient Warming

Hypothermia occurs in up to 85% of anesthetized animals.  This guide tells you how to prevent it.


checkAAS Guide to Testing Anesthetic Machines

This guide walks you through the steps of troubleshooting an anesthetic gas machine


checkAAS Guide to Managing WAG

This guide describes the dangers of contamination of your work space with Waste Anesthetic Gas (WAG), and how to manage exhaust gases.


checkAAS Guide to Patient Warming – Heated Circuits

Is surface warming the best solution?  This guide describes an innovative new paradigm for preventing heat loss during anesthesia.


checkAAS Guide to Effective Surface Warming

Not all surface warming systems are created equal.  This guide compares the efficacy of different patient surface warming systems.


checkAAS Guide to the Anesthesia Record

An accurate record of anesthesia is considered a legal document and should be part of every anesthetized patient’s medical record.  This guide takes you step-by-step through completing an anesthesia record.

(Note: blank anesthesia record sheets are available here.)