Laryngoscopes – Right-handed and Left-handed

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R&L Sets

Sold individually or in complete sets for Right-Handers or Left-Handers

Darvall Laryngoscope Accessories

Laryngoscope Handle #2086


  • For use with Right-handed or Left-handed blades
  • Long life on two C-cell batteries

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Specialty Blades

In addition to the full range of standard sized Left-handed and Right-handed blades, Darvall also makes these specialty-length long blades.

Q:  Will these blades fit the handle I already have?

Answer:  Many times, yes.  Darvall specialty-length blades work well with many commercially available handles.  However, these blades are manufactured to the specifications of Darvall handles, and therefore may not fit properly on the handles you already have.  If you want to be sure before you buy a handle, we suggest you select and purchase the specialty-length blade to best suit your needs and try it on your handle.  If it’s not a perfect fit to your handle, then purchase one of our long-life LED light handles.

Long Blades:

300mm (12″)


  • Right-handed blade #2087

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  • Left-handed blade #8539

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Extra Long Blades:

350mm (14″)


  • Right-handed blade #8050

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  • Left-handed blade #8540

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Amity Justice

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