Non-Rebreathing ZDS Masks and ZDS Qubes, and Accessories

  Darvall Zero Dead Space (ZDS) Masks and Zero Dead Space (ZDS) Qubes feature uni-directional gas flow which eliminates dead space and allows low fresh gas flow.

Darvall ZDS* Masks

ZDS Mask

Darvall ZDS Qubes*

ZDS Qube with Mouse

ZDS Qubes

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ZDS Qubes and ZDS Masks offer solutions to these longstanding problems

HEATED Darvall ZDS Qubes

ZDS Qube Heated w mouse

ZDS Qube and Fatso


Darvall ZDS Qube Ventilator

Darvall 5-station ZDS Manifolds

ZDS Manifolds

Intersurgical Deluxe® Bain Circuit


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