Anesthesia Machines and Accessories

We offer a full line of Stinger anesthetic gas machines that are efficient, durable, and easy to use.  Call us at 866-931-3292 and let us build one for you today.

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Stinger Streamline Rodent / Exotics Anesthetic Gas Machine

Shown here with the Darvall DVM Iso Vaporizer



Stinger Streamline Small Animal Anesthetic Gas Machine


Stinger Research Anesthetic Gas Machine


Stinger Backpack Anesthetic Gas Machine


For Field Anesthesia – compact, with proven field reliability

Pricing Information – Stinger Backpack #8232

Stinger Anesthesia Machine Accessories and Supplies

Shown here with 200ml soda lime canister for smaller patients. The Stingray includes a 200ml and 800ml soda lime canisters.

Shown here mounted on a Stinger Small Animal anesthetic gas machine

Learn More About the Stingray

Pricing Information – Product #9363

Endotracheal Tube Rack

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